Hi. I'm Emma, a thirteen year old girl with a particular liking for words and lemon popsicles. I also like flowy dresses and animals and the sun on my back. I like walking barefoot in the grass and playing the guitar and singing off-key when no one is listening. I'm a thinker of things that don't matter and a dreamer of things I can't have. But most of all I like to read, to transport myself to another world where I can be someone I'm not and go somewhere I've never been.

This blog was started in July 2013, simply because I have thoughts about the books I read and wanted someplace where I could share them. Also because when I rant about books to my family they look at me like I have three heads.

Ten Facts About Me:

1. I'm an introvert.
2. I play the piano and guitar (and used to play the flute).
3. I listen to Ed Sheeran, One Direction (I know, I know), Lorde, Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Florence + The Machine, Taylor Swift, and Imagine Dragons.
4. My favorite color is teal (or any varying shade of blue-green).
5. I want to be a writer.
6. My favorite animal is a pug - you know, those cute little dogs with curly tails and smashed-in faces?
7. I don't really like brownies.
8. I love to climb trees, though I don't get the chance very often.
9. I'm a Pisces.
10. I can't stand math.

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  1. Wow I'm 13 and I blog too at bookslovin.blogspot.ca ! Would love to learn more about you! By the way, I also think math is a pain in the butt.