Review Policy

Review Policy

I review books I read and have enjoyed. I will, however, take suggestions. This does not guarantee that I will review the book, but I will always take your suggestion into consideration. 

All reviews are honest and reflect my own opinion of the book. They are short, sweet, and to the point. While I may dislike a book, I will never bash it. I cannot, however, guarantee that my review will be positive, though I will always give my reasoning.


If you are interested in Spun With Words reviewing your book feel free to contact me after you've read my policy. Keep in mind that it should fall in the category of the books I generally review. Books requested must be appropriate for a thirteen-year-old.

You can contact me via my email,

Note: I will do my best to read and review a book a soon as possible after a receive a suggestion, but it may not be immediate.


I read and review young adult novels in these main genres: contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, romance, and dystopian. I occasionally review middle grade or adult novels.

I may accept self-published novels.

Rating System

5 Stars: Perfect! I couldn't put it down.
4 Stars: It could have been better, but I would still recommend.
3 Stars: An okay book. In the case of a series, proceed with caution.
2 Stars: Has a lot of potential that wasn't carried out. Not worth your time.
1 Star: Ugh, I hated it! Don't pick up this book.

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